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Eric Engwall
Managing Partner

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As managing partner and president, Eric Engwall’s position at E.G. Insight combines several different roles, including business owner and senior consultant. But his core conviction is simple: “My goal is to know as much about the relationships that organizations have with their employees, their customers, and other partners than many of their own people do,” he explains. Eric is quick to clarify that “knowing” means understanding not just the essential client details, but the industries and markets they operate in – and the ways they can effectively use the information E.G. helps them to collect. “The challenge is helping the clients understand how they can drive significant change within their company,” he says. “It’s about change, results – not just taking measurements. It’s just data until you use it.”

Upon graduating from college, Eric first worked as a hall director at St. Olaf College. In that role he saw firsthand the difficulties of having multiple, and at times competing, constituencies to serve. “Each additional stakeholder group – students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, benefactors, and the community – brings additional complexity. The interrelationships are complex. There are a lot of moving parts to align.”

That early experience led to a career in the organizational consulting field, focusing on such disciplines as leadership development, organizational culture change, and customer relationship management. At the Pecos River Learning Division of Aon Consulting he worked in business development and sales management roles, helping clients to build cultures that enabled people to do their best work and helped companies to serve their customers more effectively.

Before starting E.G. Insight, Eric was the director of the Sales Effectiveness practice area at Personnel Decisions International (PDI). Here he was introduced to feedback processes that addressed organizational change using quantifiable data as well as face-to-face customer meetings. The combination was powerful, equipping clients to gather measurable information from key stakeholders while also building relationships with them.

When PDI presented the opportunity to spin off its customer and employee feedback business, Eric partnered with longtime colleague Gary Gerds to take the business further. “From using our own tools, I knew we created value for our clients,” he says. “I am passionate about helping people and organizations to strengthen relationships, whether between leaders and employees, buyers and sellers, or between other stakeholders. Long term, this was a chance to do good work that I enjoyed and to grow a business at the same time.