From “Schlubby” to Brilliant in Less Than Three Minutes

Folk singer Judy Collins, recalling one of her early encounters with Bob Dylan, said: “I saw this schlubby-looking guy singing Woody Guthrie songs badly…I thought he was so pathetic. But then I heard Blowin’ in the Wind, and I couldn’t believe that this rumpled guy could have written such a breathtaking song…then I realized that this guy is brilliant and I became a passionate, passionate fan.”

What changed Collins’ perception from schlubby to brilliant? The power of hearing Dylan—in his own words.

Nothing is as powerful as hearing directly from our most valued customers. Do you want to find out what your company is doing well? Do you need to find out what you must improve? Do you need to know how your customer’s world is changing?

We all don’t speak in poetry, but we’ve all had our turn at being surprised by what our customers are telling us. That’s why it’s important to have structured conversations and let customers tell us what they think—in their own words.

Rhonda Sunnarborg, Senior Consultant
E.G. Insight


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  1. Ray Brown

    Nice analogy Rhonda