E.G. Insight Announces New Alliances

E.G. Partners with Sales Execution and Process Improvement Firms

Saint Paul, MN, April 9, 2018 – The leaders of Business Efficacy, Customer Centered Strategies and E.G. Insight wish to announce their entrance into a formal alliance. The three firms bring distinct competencies and service offerings to the relationship, but have a common focus on enhancing the customer experience for business-to-business clients.

“I’m excited about collaborating with these two firms, led by experts in sales execution and process excellence. Linda Maxwell (Business Efficacy) and Shannon Gronemeyer (Customer Centered Strategies) and their teams have capabilities that will only enhance the value of the work we already do with our clients,” said Eric Engwall, President of E.G. Insight.

“We’ve recognized that our clients would benefit from a more robust solution to their customer experience initiatives. The strategic customer feedback we help our clients gather only has value when companies take action on what they learn – and Business Efficacy and Customer Centered Strategies are uniquely positioned to facilitate the changes that should be a part of any voice of the customer process.”

The three-firm alliance brings together a set of capabilities to help organizations listen to customers and channel partners more effectively and use the knowledge from that feedback to make tangible improvements for customers and their own organizations.

About the collaboration, Shannon Gronemeyer, President and CEO of Customer Centered Strategies said:

“We know from experience that voice of the customer programs – whether transactional surveys, relationship surveys, or the interview-based feedback that E.G. Insight excels in – tend to expose the processes and work flows that get in the way of serving customers effectively. Our job at CCS is to refine those processes or introduce new tools that yield better service for customers while also helping our clients to reduce costs and increase profits.”

Recognizing that critical elements of the B2B customer experience are services and consultative recommendations from sales and account management professionals, Linda Maxwell’s firm Business Efficacy also has a key role to play:

“In B2B environments, sales execution and the overall customer experience often come down to behaviors. If the actions of the sales organization aren’t aligned with the stated goals of the organization, you’re going to have a much greater challenge accomplishing those goals routinely,” said Maxwell, Business Efficacy’s CEO.

“Our focus on sales process and sales leadership effectiveness helps to ensure consistency in behavior and in results. Adding the customer feedback and process improvement capabilities of E.G. and CCS makes certain that we’re working on the right behaviors and supporting people with tools and systems to make jobs easier and service to customers even better.”

If you would like more information, please contact Eric Engwall at
1 (651) 288-1460 or email at info@eginsight.com.

Strategic Customer Feedback – E.G. Insight, Inc. – Saint Paul, MN

Customer data is no longer a precious and elusive asset. If anything, many companies are so awash in customer information it has become a commodity. The new challenge is one of making sense of the data on hand and using it to inform decisions and inspire change. In the words of one executive, “Data we have. It’s insight we lack.”

E.G. Insight has, for more than 25 years, helped organizations to acquire strategic insights from their most important customers. Through high-touch methods that build relationships while capturing actionable customer feedback, E.G. equips its clients to gather “close data” from critical customers that augments whatever big data they’re already using.


Process Optimization – Customer Centered Strategies – Minneapolis, MN –

You’ve done the work. The voice of the customer data has been gathered, reported and shared. You have developed a more intimate understanding of the critical success factors in your customer relationships, and have learned about areas that may be negatively impacting experience and loyalty.

What next?

Leveraging the insights provided by our clients, Customer Centered Strategies (CCS) works with organizations to address the issues affecting their customers’ experiences. Even better, CCS’ process optimization services make measurable improvements in business performance and profitability. CCS works with clients to map existing processes, identify and prioritize improvement opportunities, define the desired business process and ensure execution of process and technology changes that will improve customer relationships and overall performance.


Sales Execution and Performance – Business Efficacy – Minneapolis, MN

The secret to overcoming sales performance challenges can’t be found in a three-ring binder or on a flash drive. Achieving a true sales transformation can only happen when sales leaders are engaged in a process that’s custom designed to address their unique needs. In an industry high on quick fixes and low on follow through, Business Efficacy stands apart for its commitment to helping clients execute on its custom-made sales performance solutions.

A team of experienced consultants takes on the true barriers to high performance. They assess quickly and speak frankly. And though they lead the change, they work side by side with clients to empower the organization to take ownership and to drive real and sustainable growth.


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