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Repairing Relationships with an At-Risk Account

Using the Customer Review process to rebuild confidence with a B-to-B account The Challenge For two months, an Account Executive at our financial industry client had been trying unsuccessfully to get in front of one of his key customer contacts. … Continue reading

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Is There a Magic Formula?

Is there a magic formula for turning detractors into neutrals and neutrals into supporters? I was recently asked this question by a long-standing client. My short answer was no. There is no magic formula because every situation and every customer … Continue reading

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Your best deserve better…

While it’s not at all unusual for us to be working alongside a survey provider within a common client, the obvious question always is: “If you’re satisfied with what you’re already doing, why do you need another approach?” Continue reading

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Is It About Value or Business Benefit?

For the past 20 years E.G. Insight has been in the business of helping our Global 1000 clients collect feedback from their most valuable customers. Our CRp® customer interview process is a structured face-to-face conversation between one key customer contact … Continue reading

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Don’t try to “boil the ocean!”

As the New Year unfolds, we begin to feel the pressure to improve our lives overnight. Resolutions are made to eat better, exercise more, stress less, and get things accomplished. Unfortunately, we tend to tackle too many goals, overwhelming and … Continue reading

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