About Us


Since our firm was founded in 1990, E.G. Insight has been about the business of asking the right questions of the right people – those that matter most to your business.

In the early days, QI International, as we were known then, was about bringing the voice of the customer into the quality improvement programs that revolutionized the way products and services were developed and delivered. The thinking was, instead of groups of middle managers and front-line employees sitting around conference tables deciding what to fix, maybe it would be a good idea to ask customers what they thought.

The Customer Review process was just the tool to make it happen. We’ve been equipping organizations to have in-depth, structured conversations with their most important contacts inside their most important customers ever since.

About the same time, we adapted that approach for use with selected employees. The result was a unique process we call the Talk2® interview. The idea then was to tap into the experience and ingenuity of employees to make the organizational changes and quality improvements customers requested. Today we’re using it to address tough organizational challenges like workforce diversity, merger & acquisition integration, and leadership changes.


Along the way, QI’s founders realized that not only did they have a great tool for engaging customers on the subjects of product and service quality, but they also had an extremely effective methodology for managing strategic customer relationships. A good portion of the 300,000+ CRp® interviews in our database have been conducted by the account management team members servicing that customer.


In the 30 years we’ve been around, the idea of listening to customers has ceased to be novel. Almost every good company has some voice of customer program in place. As technology has expanded the options, the question is no longer if companies should gain feedback from customers, but how best to do it. Today we’re using a wide range of tools to address any number of business needs and challenges

You Talk, We’ll Listen

Check us out. If you find something you like, or have questions about how we can help – give us a call or send a message. We’ll be happy to listen first and recommend a solution later.