Retaining and Growing Customers

If you ask people in our line of work, most will tell you that they’ve heard a variation of this conversation when speaking with a prospective client:

Customer Feedback Consultant: Tell me what your organization would like to accomplish by gathering customer feedback in a new way? How will you use the data once you have it?

Potential Client: I don’t really know. My boss just told me we need a Net Promoter survey and asked me to find someone to help.

If it sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is. But it’s also far too common. For any corporate initiative to be successful and sustainable, it has to be tied to real business outcomes. Things that matter.

Any customer feedback process should ultimately contribute to attracting, retaining, and growing customer relationships. Your voice of customer method absolutely can, and arguably should, be able to help your organization to do several of the following:

  • Identify customers at risk of defecting
  • Understand the factors that contribute to customer retention and customer churn
  • Find ways to streamline processes and reduce costs
  • Add new and unexpected value to customers
  • Uncover customers’ unmet needs that result in revenue opportunities for you
  • Quantify which key contacts are your strongest advocates and which are your detractors
  • Solidify relationships with your most important contacts at your most important customers

How Can E.G. Insight help?

First, let’s just talk about what you’re trying to accomplish, and how customer input can help you do it. From there, we’ll zero in on the information you’d most like to get from customers, which contacts to target for feedback, and ultimately determine what approaches and methods to use.