Customer Surveys

With today’s tech, it’s easier than ever to throw together a survey and push it out to your customers. Drag-and-drop survey websites with slick color palettes and clever design layouts make it fun and fast. Seems simple, right? Sadly, a robust survey tool does not mean you have a robust survey. And many organizations lack either the expertise or the bandwidth to create, administer, and analyze a survey that really makes a difference. We’ve seen it happen more often than not.

Before falling victim to the “surveys are easy” myth, talk to E.G. Insight.

E.G. Insight combats ineffective surveys by:

  • Creating meaningful custom content to illuminate customer perceptions – both pain points and compliments
  • Advising you on which questions will yield fascinating insights – and which questions are duds
  • Helping you select the right audience for your survey, and the right time to reach out for feedback
  • Strategically managing the survey process to minimize headaches and encourage high response rates
  • Using the results to create positive transformation in your company, whether it’s growing revenue, identifying threats, or improving the relationships you have with your customers