Employee Surveys

Employee surveys. We’re aware of the stigma: ineffective, out of touch, ultimately useless. At E.G. Insight, we believe deeply in the power of surveys, but they need to be done right – particularly when talking to your own workforce. Our approach is to go deeper than mere satisfaction metrics and extract the “why” behind the feedback. After all, the last thing your people want is a survey that is dismissive of their viewpoint or irrelevant to their needs. We take pride in crafting employee touchpoints that reflect the respect you have for your staff and the transformation you wish to see in your company.

Of course, listening to your employees is only the first step, and our favorite part of the survey process is everything that happens after the data is gathered. Rooting our analysis in both hard numbers and qualitative trends, E.G. Insight will help you apply survey learnings to make improvements within your organization that employees will notice and appreciate. To us, there’s nothing better than your people seeing positive change as the result of the opinions they took the time to share.

E.G. Insight implements surveys that work – and surveys that people actually enjoy participating in. We create custom surveys for small groups and large, right-sizing the approach to your needs and audience. We’re experienced in online survey administration, as well as telephone and in-person methods.