Our Partners

Business Efficacy, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN

The secret to overcoming sales performance challenges can’t be found in a three-ring binder or on a flash drive. Achieving a true sales transformation can only happen when sales leaders are engaged in a process that’s custom designed to address their unique needs. In an industry high on quick fixes and low on follow through, Business Efficacy stands apart for its commitment to helping clients execute on its custom-made sales performance solutions. A team of experienced consultants takes on the true barriers to high performance. They assess quickly and speak frankly. And though they lead the change, they work side by side with clients to empower the organization to take ownership and to drive real and sustainable growth.

Website: businessefficacy.com

Leveraging the insights provided by our clients, Customer Centered Strategies (CCS) works with organizations to address the issues affecting their customers’ experiences. Even better, CCS’ process optimization services make measurable improvements in business performance and profitability. CCS works with clients to map existing processes, identify and prioritize improvement opportunities, define the desired business process and ensure execution of process and technology changes that will improve customer relationships and overall performance.

Website: ccsdelivered.com

Service 800

Minneapolis, MN

SERVICE 800 is a trusted partner for global organizations looking to capture and measure customer experience feedback. With over 30 years of experience SERVICE 800 delivers customer feedback results around the globe through phone interviews, web, Interactive Voice Recognition and even social media. Our process allows results to be immediately actionable resulting in higher retention rates and increased revenue for our clients.

Website: Service800.com