Partner and Supplier Reviews

By now, companies know it’s absolutely essential to gather feedback from customers and employees. But many organizations don’t always think about how structured, actionable conversations benefit any business relationship – including those with their partners and suppliers.

E.G. Insight has seen firsthand how interviewing allies leads to increased collaboration, sales opportunities, and stronger relationships. After all, partners or not, you will likely be surprised at all the things you don’t know about your closest business relationships.

Perhaps they’ve launched a new product or initiative you weren’t aware of, maybe they’ve restructured their salesforce or expanded into a new market. And the insights go both ways – it’s likely you’re also not sharing essential information with them as quickly and thoroughly as they would like. Suppliers, in particular, are often overlooked. There’s likely things they could be doing differently or better to help you – and vice versa.

E.G. Insight’s custom-designed partner and supplier reviews put your business relationships in context and give you a road map for doing things more efficiently and more effectively. The face-to-face methodology shows these contacts what they mean to you and that you’re there to listen and learn.