TALK2® Employee Interviews

Employee surveys are great for quickly taking the pulse of large groups. But what do you do when you need deeper insights from critical employees, but still want the structure and quantitative elements of a survey?

Our TALK2® discussion process was created for those scenarios.

The need might be accelerating the onboarding of a new leader and helping her or him to quickly build rapport their team members. It might be a need to understand the evolving needs of a more diverse workforce. Other times, it’s about tapping into the collective wisdom of key employees around vexing topics like innovation, business process change, or integration of acquisitions.

No matter the specific need, Talk2 is designed to use a structured and consistent format to elicit rich discussion about the company’s current state, encourage ideas and thoughts on improvements, and yield immediate actions leaders can take to make a positive impact on the organization. Results are captured, analyzed and reported to help build a vision, a roadmap, and a case for change.