Customer Review Process

Gathering feedback from stakeholders has become an essential undertaking for any organization. And there are zillions of ways—from surveys to focus groups, big data to journey mapping—to tap into the brains of your customers. But E.G. Insight believes that listening to your customers isn’t simply an exercise in data gathering: It’s a way to build, enhance, or even repair relationships. Our Client Review process—the CRp® methodology—is designed to encourage honest feedback, foster organizational change, and improve your company’s performance.

How it works:

  • Plan – Define the people you’d like to interview, and determine what information you want.
  • Gather – We train your teams to carry out face-to-face interviews with the selected contacts, schedule and conduct reviews, and submit results.
  • Report – Report individual, group, and overall results. Analyze the findings and present the key messages back to your organization.
  • Act – Communicate back to your customers. Plan and execute actions in response to the findings.

Benefits of the CRp process:

  • Real-time methodology allows for comment clarification, probing, and more meaningful conversations overall.
  • Face-to-face format shows customers you care—and that they aren’t just talking to a computer program that may bury their concerns.
  • Focusing on one contact at a time allows for customized action-planning that will address each contact’s specific concerns.
  • Trademarked Customer Confidence Index® score allows for a proven, trackable metric in addition to qualitative comments.
  • Great tool for times you really need to get in front of your customers – mergers, new product releases, staff changes, etc.

Plus – after 30 years of honing our CRp approach, we’re easily able to flex the program in many valuable ways:

  • Current situation too sensitive for your people to conduct interviews? E.G. is happy to act as interviewers and interface with your clients, ensuring neutrality and diplomacy.
  • Geographic concerns? Talk to us about how we can adapt the process for phone or Web meetings.
  • Despite its name, the Customer Review process, can be easily targeted towards employees, stakeholders, or suppliers.