Success Stories

Growing B-to-B Customer Loyalty

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After twenty-five years in business, a leading health, wellness, and disease management organization with more than $600 million in annual revenue is poised to take their sales to the next level.

Pressure for growth was coming from the top down; the company was maturing and needed a more robust way of identifying customer satisfaction and future buying behavior. Why were sales with some customers soaring, while others were walking away? How could the company grow while facing so much turbulence?

Leading by Listening

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The newly appointed CEO faced an immediate challenge: establishing sensible growth goals for the organization. His predecessor had been removed because he did not reach the aggressive goals he had set. In order to set goals that were both ambitious and realistic, he would need to first gather information from the core of the company – the employees.

Retaining an At-Risk B-to-B Account

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The distributor had a new Strategic Account Manager (SAM) who was responsible for the retailer’s account. Just a few months before, the retailer had expressed interest in renewing their multi-year contract with the distributor. When the retailer requested a meeting, the distributor knew of no reason not to be optimistic.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey

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A national yearbook, jewelry, and school products company was faced with the task of determining the engagement and satisfaction levels of 4,000 full-time and seasonal employees. Feedback needed to be administered, tabulated, analyzed, and presented to senior management within an eight-week time frame in order to implement change during the client’s high season. A previously administered survey had only done part of the job, and required strategic overhaul.