Fast Start For New Leaders

If you search the internet for “first 100 days new leaders” you will find numerous books, articles, and blogs about the crucial things new leaders should do as they prepare for and assume their roles. The lists of to-dos are long, for sure, but almost every resource contains the recommendation to do these three things:

Get to Know Your Team
The first step is for the new leader to meet his or her direct reports and other key employees in the organization. The goal is to quickly gain their perspectives on the present and near future of the organization, assess their capabilities to lead the company further, and determine their fit for the long term.

Get to Know Your Customers
Critical to leaders in customer-facing roles and those at the very top of the organization is establishing relationships with key contacts within critical customers and seeing the organization through their eyes. Customers want to know the people in charge and have an opportunity to be heard early on in those relationships.

Bring Something New
New leaders are rarely expected to just come in and mind the store. We anticipate that they’re going to bring something new and different to the organization. A compelling vision, new strategies, innovative methods, improved tools and processes – and novel ways of thinking about the future are all on the agenda.

How E.G. Can Help

Strategic Customer Reviews
New leaders join with others on their team to conduct face-to-face interviews with key customers. These in-depth discussions capture sentiments about what’s working well, what could be improved, and what the future priorities are for that customer. They’re also documented – so the rest of the organization can benefit from the insights they produce.

Talk2 Employee Interviews
Structured discussions between the new leader and her or his team members, designed to elicit rich discussion about the company’s current state, capture ideas and thoughts on improvements, and identify immediate actions the new leader can take to make a positive impact on the organization. Results care captured, analyzed and reported to help new leaders build their visions and cases for change.