The Client Review Process and
Winning Work

At E.G. Insight, we know that structured feedback conversations with your most important customers pave the way for winning more business. Recently, Senior Consultant Rhonda Sunnarborg visited with a client contact who uses the CRp® client interview process to learn about his company’s performance, his clients’ changing needs, and future opportunities. Here’s what this Project Director of multimillion-dollar projects had to say:

How do these structured interviews/conversations help you with your clients?

“Client Reviews are great for building long-term relationships with our clients. The leaders on these multimillion-dollar projects don’t change – unless they are kidnapped, retire, or die. It’s critical to build strong relationships with them because they aren’t going anywhere.”

How does the CRp® process help you secure repeat business?

“We’re always looking for repeat business. Client Reviews reinforce our relationships. It’s no different than a marriage – you’ve got to work at it. There are lots of personalities and multiple cultures. The Review process helps me to understand what clients like, what they don’t like, and understand why.”

How does this process add value to your company?

“We’ve got to keep winning work and the Client Review process helps us do that. When I’m putting together a proposal, I need to know what issues have come up in the past. I need to know the client’s hot buttons. If you’re not prepared, you wind up standing there doing your Porky Pig impression.”

What else could be done to get more out of Client Reviews?

“We get good information out of the process. Rather than waiting until the end of a project, we now conduct Client Reviews throughout the job.”


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