October 14, 2020

Listening with Many Ears

I once led a workshop on the topic of customer focus for a group of health insurance executives. When we got to the topic of feedback […]
October 25, 2011

Your best deserve better…

While it’s not at all unusual for us to be working alongside a survey provider within a common client, the obvious question always is: “If you’re satisfied with what you’re already doing, why do you need another approach?”
February 11, 2011

Is It About Value or Business Benefit?

For the past 20 years E.G. Insight has been in the business of helping our Global 1000 clients collect feedback from their most valuable customers. Our […]
January 13, 2011

Don’t try to “boil the ocean!”

As the New Year unfolds, we begin to feel the pressure to improve our lives overnight. Resolutions are made to eat better, exercise more, stress less, […]
December 14, 2010

Sometimes Little Things Drive Big Customer Decisions

A realtor once told me that home buyers often are swayed positively or negatively over very small things. Buyers sometimes reject a house because they don’t […]
November 30, 2010

Relationship Equity

Kind of a strange term isn’t it? Relationship equity, hmm… Strong customer relationships can save the day. When problems arise, strong relationships help us get important […]
November 22, 2010

Going Old School

In casual conversation it’s not uncommon to hear someone described as being “old school.” Most often it’s not an ageist insult, but a compliment – a […]
November 9, 2010

What Can a Coffee Cup Teach You About Innovation?

Sometimes lessons come from the most familiar and mundane places. With all due respect to the makers and marketers of disposable coffee cups and the lids […]
August 27, 2010

Listening with an Ear For Innovation

In Alan Murray’s latest Wall Street Journal article, he mentions that when the Journal’s CEO Council was asked to name the most influential business book, many […]