February 6, 2012

“Quality has always been about the fine points…”

“Quality has always been about the fine points…”  – Don Cornelius Quality is about the details, the little things that make a difference. And like value, […]
August 27, 2010

Listening with an Ear For Innovation

In Alan Murray’s latest Wall Street Journal article, he mentions that when the Journal’s CEO Council was asked to name the most influential business book, many […]
August 24, 2010

Who Are Your Competitors?

Did anybody else read the latest Fast Company article about Blockbuster? In it Kevin Lewis, the head of Blockbuster’s digital strategy, makes the following comment about […]
August 3, 2010

The Client Review Process and Winning Work

At E.G. Insight, we know that structured feedback conversations with your most important customers pave the way for winning more business. Recently, Senior Consultant Rhonda Sunnarborg […]
February 17, 2010

Martin Scorsese and Confident Customers

In accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in motion pictures, filmmaker Martin Scorsese quoted Faulkner: “The past is never dead. It’s not even […]
November 23, 2009

From “Schlubby” to Brilliant in Less Than Three Minutes

Folk singer Judy Collins, recalling one of her early encounters with Bob Dylan, said: “I saw this schlubby-looking guy singing Woody Guthrie songs badly…I thought he […]
February 10, 2009

Learning from Tony Soprano

In an attempt to fill the gaps in my pop culture knowledge, I recently watched the last season of the acclaimed series, The Sopranos. My favorite […]
December 13, 2008

Clear Sidewalks

This last weekend, we got our first snowfall which required shoveling. (For those out-of-staters who think it might be fun to hoist the pretty flakes, tally […]